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i Poker Robot your poker help

I Poker robot is an advanced pokerbot and calculator for use at online pokerrooms. Currently, the Poker bot on this site is the latest poker robot to the date and is the most advanced poker bot you can find on the net.

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I poker Robot is a poker bot or poker robot designed to help you win at online Poker. What it does is play according to the statistics but also according to the other players playing habits and moods.This poker robot is the first of its kind to work with a sort of artificial intelligence aimed at making it easier for you to win at online poker by adjusting its game play according to the players you face.. This Poker robot is currently at its beta stage but already earns, according to our statistics more than $50 an hour!

Your personal poker bot

It works perfectly as it is right now, but we would appreciate if you would give us some feedback on it, and because we appreciate your feedback we will offer you this poker robot for free for a limited time only! Normal price is $59.99 but for the purpose of testing it we are giving out 50 licenses a day for you to try it!!!

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What it is:

  • Advanced poker robot
  • Advanced poker calculator
  • Indebt AI program capable of making more than 2 billion calculations a second!
  • Designed to run for weeks on end.
  • Programmed adjust game style according to the players you are playing..

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